Welcome Back, Alumnae!

Fall 2013

Dear NAHS Alumnae,

We are busy women. We have jobs, spouses, kids, friends, hobbies- we spread ourselves across a lifetime of busy schedules hoping that we get home in time to watch our favorite show or kiss our kids good night. When we find ourselves with a free five minutes we think, “What can I be doing”? and we throw in another load of laundry instead of maybe just enjoying the last sips of a cup of coffee or taking the time to just be.

Nazareth was the first place I learned how to be. I learned how to be brave by answering questions in geometry class, I learned how to be fast by using the three minutes in between classes to run from the ground floor to the 3rd floor and back down again for class, I learned how to be honest when I had to tell my parents I was getting a bad grade, I learned how to be a friend during countless trials of teenage-hood, I learned how to be mindful of God during quiet moments in the chapel, I learned how to love and be loved because the feeling of family infuses the fibers of Nazareth.

There are so many things to be in this busy world. We choose to be friends, girlfriends, wives, moms; we forget how easy it is to be at Nazareth. My goal as the new Alumnae Coordinator is to make you feel like you can come back to Nazareth and be again. I want to welcome you home.


Natalie Monari, '05

Alumnae Relations Coordinator


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