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Do you own a business? Do you know a business owner (family, friend)? Do you have a voice in your business to make a difference? Answering these questions can lead to helping students afford tuition at Nazareth Academy High School using tax dollars.

Yes, you can turn your company tax dollars into a contribution for Nazareth Academy High School. Believe it or not, it is as easy as asking the business owner/accountant to look at a few guidelines. Literally – a few minutes. And, the time to find out is now.

It may sound too good to be true; however, Nazareth Academy High School is eligible to receive corporate gifts through two programs offered by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program and the Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC) program.

Is my company eligible?

Questions for the company:

  • Do you do business in Pennsylvania?
  • Is your business subject to one or more of the following taxes? 
    • Personal Income Tax
    • Capital Stock/Foreign Franchise Tax
    • Corporate Net Income
    • Bank Shares Tax
    • Title Insurance & Trust Company Shares
    • Insurance Premium Tax (excluding surplus lines, unauthorized, domestic, foreign marine)
    • Mutual Thrift Tax
    • Malt Beverage Tax
    • Retaliatory Fees under section 212 of the Insurance Company Law of 1921

What is EITC/OSTC?

Businesses paying corporate and other taxes in Pennsylvania can receive substantial tax credits by redirecting their state tax dollars to Nazareth Academy High School in support of scholarships for students meeting the guidelines of the EITC and OSTC programs. Instead of paying Harrisburg, you are making a direct gift for a student’s future.

How Does it Help?

Nazareth has been fortunate to receive some of these funds which have enabled us to provide tuition assistance for young women who may not have been able to attend NAHS due to financial limitations. These funds provide critical resources needed to help make a difference in a young woman’s education. Nazareth Academy High School’s long history prides itself on a challenging, solid curriculum where students thrive. As a college preparatory school, Nazareth students enjoy 100% college acceptance as well as 100% of our recent graduating classes receiving scholarships and grants for college.

If approved, 75% of your contribution to Nazareth Academy High School will post as a tax credit for your business. This increases to 90% if you agree to contribute the same amount for 2 years. Furthermore, the 25% (or 10% for a two-year commitment) that is not included in the tax credit may be claimed as a charitable donation on your federal tax return.

Next Steps

Check with your company to see if they meet the guidelines.

Learn more about EITC or OSTC and how you can direct your dollars to benefit student tuition assistance. Visit for additional details.

Questions? Please contact Denise LePera, President, at 215-637-7676

Please note: The Scholarship Organization title for Nazareth Academy High School is Holy Family Foundation. A business may designate Nazareth Academy High School as their school of choice when making the contribution through the Holy Family Foundation.  Holy Family Foundation will then forward 100% of your donation to Nazareth Academy High School.

You can change a young woman’s life in a few short minutes.

Nazareth Academy High School

  • 4001 Grant Avenue
  • Philadelphia, PA 19114
  • T: 215.637.7676
  • F: 215.637.8523

About Naz

"Embracing Faith, Family, and Education"


"Naz's where you belong."  How will you finish the sentence, "Naz because..."?


Our student to faculty ratio of 9:1 allows our teachers to interact with students 1-on-1, providing constant help and support.

Campus Life

Our activities provide a diverse set of opportunities for spiritual, social, physical, and intellectual growth for the students.


Learning about commitment, dedication, hard work, discipline, and teamwork not only helps on the field, but in the classroom as well.

Fine Arts

The Fine Arts at Naz allow students to release their creativity, whether it be through song and dance or a piece of fine art.

Giving to Naz

We are called to give to "Nazareth" - not the building, but to “Nazareth” the home...our home.

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