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Diocesan Scholars Program

The Diocesan Scholars program is sponsored by the Office of Catholic Education and local Catholic colleges and universities.  The program honors students who excel academically and who would benefit from beginning college work during their senior year.

In the Spring of Junior year, a select number of high-performing students at Nazareth Academy High School are invited to compete for positions as Diocesan Scholars. Candidates for the program take part in a rigorous selection process that includes a review of their high school records, confirming evaluations by members of the faculty, submission of a qualifying essay to the selection board, and a personal interview with the board.

Each scholar will be permitted to take, free of charge, two college courses each semester on the campus of a nearby college or university. Scholars will complete the remainder of the roster with regular courses at Nazareth. Juniors ranked in the top twenty cumulatively are eligible to apply.

As always the goal of our Academic Programs are to provide the very best college preparation possible.