Embracing faith, family and education

Choosing An All Girls School

Being the only private, Catholic high school for young women in Philadelphia is an obvious distinction. Even if prospective students and their families consider Nazareth Academy High School first for other reasons, they quickly appreciate the benefits of a private, Catholic single-sex environment.

Benefits of aN All-Girls School

According to the National Coalition for Girls' Schools, an organization dedicated to empowering girls to be influential contributors to the world, girls' schools engage, challenge, inspire and prepare our daughters to strive for greatness and prepare them for life beyond the classroom.

Years of research confirm that girls' schools create a culture of achievement for female students. Studies suggest that girls who attend single-sex schools benefit in lasting ways as learners and as individuals. They achieve:

  • stronger self-esteem
  • greater self-confidence
  • broader leadership opportunities
  • higher aspirations

The Nazareth Experience

While girls' schools have much in common, every school is unique.  At Nazareth Academy High School, there is nothing we are more proud of than our Catholic values and traditions and the teachings of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth.  

The faculty and staff inspire our students to live their faith and develop their spirituality on a daily basis. Our students begin each day with daily prayer, and they are encouraged to share their special intentions with their classmates. 

As the only private, Catholic high school for girls in Philadelphia, our students live that experience everyday, and our faculty and staff are committed to upholding these distinct core values.

Ms. Alexandria Derassouyan '09

Ms. Alexandria Derassouyan '09

Class of 2009
Titles: Director of Admissions, Panda Pal Moderator
Phone Numbers:
School: 215.268.1026