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Welcome to the NAHS Virtual Open HOuse!

Thank you very much for your interest in Nazareth Academy High School! Although we cannot be with you for our Spring Open House, we wanted to provide some information you would have received during this event. Follow along on Facebook or Instagram for hourly posts and updates on Wednesday, April 22, 2020.

Who We Are

Nazareth Academy High School, located on the same beautiful campus as Holy Family University in suburban Northeast Philadelphia, is the only private Catholic high school for girls in Philadelphia. Ranked one of the top STEM high schools in the country, Nazareth Academy is a close-knit sisterhood of young women who achieve excellence in the classroom and strive to be leaders of Christian service in the community.

A Message from Our Admissions Director


Embracing Faith

Our beautiful and mesmerizing Chapel, situated at the top of our school's main staircase, is the centerpiece and heart of our campus. This is no coincidence. We believe that our Catholic faith is the foundation of all that we do both within and beyond the walls of every classroom. Rooted in the example of the Holy Family, we recognize that while each of us is a unique gift of God, we all share the common task of bringing the love, mercy, and justice of God to our community, our country, and our world.

Click here to read more about our Spiritual Life and Christian Service.


Girls in lab working on experiments

Educating Girls

Our educational process is student-centered and not limited by the walls of the classroom. There are many roads to success, and we strive to help our Nazareth students discover their unique talents and ambitions. One of the hallmarks of a Nazareth education is that our students graduate remarkably well-prepared for college. Click here for more information on our Academic Programs or contact Mrs. Quinn, Assistant Principal for Academics.

Academic Highlights

• 100% College Acceptance Rate
College Prep Scheduling (modified block scheduling)
• 8 to 1 Student to Teacher Ratio
• 15 Students is the Average Class Size
• 17 Advanced Placement Courses
• 21 Honors Courses
• Online Electives through Arrupe Virtual Learning Institute
• NAHS Course Catalog 2020-2021

Academic Enrichment Program

The Academic Enrichment Program is provided for at least one academic year to students who have a diagnosed learning difference or experience academic difficulty. The student works daily in small groups of no more than five with math and reading specialists as the instructors. During this time, the student aims for greater self-knowledge and more effective ways of successfully navigating her particular learning difficulties. Click here for more information or contact Ms. Whalen '09, our Director of Academic Enrichment.

Dual Enrollment Partnership with Holy Family University for College Credit

Nazareth Academy High School has partnered with fellow sponsored ministry Holy Family University to make the transition to higher education easier for students. Nazareth Academy 11th and 12th grade students can dually enroll in General Education courses at Holy Family University, receiving credit on both Nazareth’s and Holy Family’s transcripts without ever leaving campus for less than a third of the cost. Click here for more information.


STREAM Initiative

Nazareth Academy High School's STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) program creates awareness, sparks interest, builds confidence, and fosters a culture of innovation in girls while integrating our Catholic identity into every aspect of the curriculum. Click here to learn more about our STREAM Initiative.

Earlier this school year, Nazareth Academy High School was recognized by Newsweek Magazine as one of the top STEM high schools in the country. With the current level of STEM integration in our curriculum, our dedicated faculty already prepare our young women to be virtuous leaders, capable of handling today’s concerns and managing future challenges.

Brand New State-of-the-Art Innovation Center

The new Innovation Center is underway and is located in the former Student Dining Room, on the lower level beneath the gymnasium. It will be anchored by a major makerspace, an area for students to collaborate and innovate, utilizing advanced technology such as 3-D and laser printers. In this makerspace, a STEM Principles class will be held for every freshman student beginning with the Class of 2024.

Click here for the full story on our new Innovation Center.


Empowering Girls

Inspiring Our Girls' Hearts and Minds!

At Nazareth, girls engage in hands-on, interactive experiences that enhance our academic program. We offer a variety of clubs and activities that keep our students well-rounded and involved. With more than 40 clubs and activities to choose from, Nazareth offers countless opportunities for students to explore extracurricular activities and to develop leadership skills. Click here for more information on our Student Life Programs or contact Mrs. Gallen, Assistant Principal for Student Life.

Student Leadership

At Nazareth, girls have many opportunities to discover themselves as leaders. Through our many clubs, activities, and athletic teams our girls are empowered to make decisions, plan events, and work collaboratively with their teachers and fellow classmates in an effort to advance the mission of Nazareth. Click here for our Student Leadership Organizations.


The Arts

Whether it's learning a musical instrument, playing in ensembles, singing in the choir, performing in plays or discovering beauty in fine art, there is plenty opportunity for creative expression at Nazareth Academy. Our educators invest their extensive talents, passion, and knowledge to enrich our students' creative abilities, supporting each student as they learn to hone their interests and skills. By encouraging our girls to develop artistically, we see them finding their own voice and the confidence to express their individual creativity, regardless of innate talent. Click here for more information on the Arts at Nazareth.

Theater Arts

Nazareth has a long-established and vibrant theatrical tradition, nurturing the talents of our creative and passionate students. Girls involved in Theater at Nazareth emerge as young women with emotional intelligence who can possess, articulate, and implement a creative vision. Click here for more information on our Theater Arts Program or contact Mrs. Graveley '05, Director of Theater Arts.

Visual Arts

Studying the visual arts at Nazareth Academy High School, students gain an understanding of and appreciation for the various aesthetic and disciplinary elements involved in the production of art. Our goal is to provide a basis from which the student will maintain a life-long appreciation of the visual arts. The Visual Arts at Nazareth - photography, ceramics, painting, design, mosaics, and more - let you explore creative processes and develop new perspectives of the world. Click here for more information on our Visual Arts Program or contact Mrs. Shaw, Art Department Chair.



Music at Nazareth is an integral part of the school's life. All genres of music are celebrated from symphonic works for our orchestra and chamber music for a whole host of ensembles, to the worlds of pop and jazz. At Nazareth Academy High School every student's individual musical interest is an option, and they will be challenged to reach their full potential in that field. Students in our Performing Arts program may opt to major or minor in music or major in art. Students are exposed to an in-depth study of the Fine Arts and receive academic credit for these courses.

Our music students have traveled all over the world to perform, including Germany, Austria, England, Italy, and Switzerland. They have performed at prestigious venues, including the Vatican for the Beatification of the martyred Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, the North American Music Festival, Carnegie Hall in New York, and various musical events both internationally and in the United States. Click here for more information on our Music Program or contact Ms. Chmelko '05, Director of Music & Performing Arts.


The Athletics program at Nazareth Academy High School is a vital part of the school community and offers our student body a balanced curriculum. We believe that athletics are an extension of the classroom. Our student athletes learn about commitment, dedication, hard work, discipline, and teamwork through participation in sports; they represent the Nazareth community with great pride.

Nazareth Academy High School strives to utilize the teacher-coach-counselor model. Along with the Athletic Director, all head varsity coaches at Nazareth oversee the development of their program from the Junior Varsity team to the Varsity level. Our coaches are men and women of compassion who inspire our student athletes to be confident young women.

For any questions about Athletics at Nazareth, contact Mr. Bradley, Athletic Director.

Click here to read more about our Athletics program.

Fall Sports

Cross Country

Winter Sports

Indoor Track

Spring Sports

Track and Field


Admissions Process

High school can be four of the most formative years in a student's life, and here at Nazareth, we understand the importance of finding the school that is the best fit for your daughter, and we appreciate the investment you are making in your daughter's present and future.

The high school admissions process can often be intimidating and overwhelming, but at Nazareth, we are dedicated to helping students and parents navigate the process and walk with you through each step. We understand that each student is unique - that's what makes Nazareth a special place where each young lady's talents, abilities, and personality can thrive. With that in mind, we take a holistic approach to our admissions process by looking at an applicant's academics, involvement in activities, and personal character. The admissions process formally begins for applicants in the fall of 8th grade. Click here for more information regarding the steps for admission to Nazareth, including required documents, testing information, and admissions interviews.

Throughout the school year, we have numerous events for 5th through 8th graders!

  • Shadow Days for 7th and 8th graders
  • Fall and Spring Open Houses
  • 8th Grade Entrance & Scholarship Exam
  • 6th & 7th Grade Practice Test
  • 5th & 6th grade event
  • 7th & 8th grade event
  • 7th Grade Beach Bag Bingo

We are pleased to offer a variety of athletic and extracurricular camps this summer, as well as our Pre-7th & Pre-8th Grade Summer Enrichment Program! Click here for dates, times, and registration for our summer programs. We hope to have your daughter join us at Nazareth this summer!

If you have any questions about our admissions process or events, please contact Ms. Derassouyan (Ms. D) '09, Director of Admissions. We look forward to getting to know you and your daughter throughout the admissions process!

Financial Aid and Tuition

The return on a family’s Nazareth Academy investment doesn’t end on graduation day; it begins!

We recognize that choosing an independent private school is a major financial decision for families. Nazareth Academy High School seeks students from all socioeconomic backgrounds, and it is our philosophy to keep the school within reach for all of our girls and their families. Having talented students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds strengthens Nazareth in every way. Click here to view all of the options Nazareth families have for financial aid, tuition, and scholarships for investing in a Nazareth education and experience. For more information and any questions, contact Mrs. McCloskey '03, Business Manager.


Thank you!

Thank you very much for joining us for our virtual Spring Open House! We hope this provided an opportunity to see what Nazareth Academy High School has to offer and what makes our school community so special. If you have any questions, you can visit our Who to Contact list by clicking here.  

We look forward to welcoming you to Nazareth at a future on-campus event and hope to have your daughter join us for one of our programs this summer!

May the Holy Family of Nazareth keep you and your families safe and healthy.

Alexandria Derassouyan

Alexandria Derassouyan

Class of 2009
Titles: Director of Admissions, Panda Pal Moderator
Phone Numbers:
School: 215.268.1026

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