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NASA/Rocketry Summer Camp 2024

Monday, July 15th to Friday, July 19th  |  11:00AM to 3:00 PM

Embark on a thrilling journey to the cosmos with our NASA/Rocketry Summer Space Camp! Aspiring space explorers (or lovers of trying something new) will be able to construct and launch their own model rockets, gliders, and conceptual aircraft with our Nationally Recognized Rocketry Team Faculty Advisor! Campers will also participate in NASA-inspired activities that delve into the fascinating realms of physics, motion, and thermal energy. In addition, students will gain insights into the U.S. Space Program and have the chance to design models for potential lunar or Martian outposts. Be sure not to miss this out-of-the-world experience! 

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Ms. Ashley Figaniak '08

Ms. Ashley Figaniak '08

Class of 2008
Titles: Director of Admissions