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Athletic Trainer at Nazareth

At Nazareth Academy High School our athletic trainer, Jacqueline Filipone, is an allied health professional who collaborates with physicians in providing care for our athletes.  She is here daily when the girls are in season.  The Athletic trainer can be found on the sideline with the athletes providing immediate care to an injury, in the treatment area taping and stretching girls before activity, or the weight room instructing rehab exercises to the injured.

Our athletic trainer is also equipped to help our girls with strength and conditioning training.  Training programs are designed to increase an athlete's overall strength, speed, agility, flexibility, conditioning, and competitive nature – all of which are important components in developing a highly-skilled high school athlete.

If your student athlete suffers an injury, feels soreness, wants to improve her conditioning or even has questions about her diet, the athletic trainer is there to provide them with the appropriate information and support!  

Focus of Athletic Trainer

  • designing exercises for prevention of injuries
  • providing immediate emergency care
  • evaluating and clinically diagnosing injuries
  • treating and rehabbing conditions and injuries


Athletic Trainer

Athletic Trainer
Jacqueline Filipone, ATC

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