Embracing faith, family and education

Academic Departments

At Nazareth, we pride ourselves on taking students further than they think they can go.

We believe they are capable of more than they realize, and we will work with them to find the intersection of their interests, passions and talents that will set them on their path to a limitless future. Our faculty are excited to hear what they have to say. They'll listen closely and help point the girls in the direction that will lead them to success. 

Nazareth Academy High School's program of study prepares each student for success in college.  The program is college preparatory in the strict sense: every student who graduates will have taken all the units necessary for admission to college.

Nazareth Academy High School Academic Departments


The Business Department offers foundation courses in several core disciplines. In addition to providing a base on which a further business education can be built, the department's courses are designed to develop practical understanding of everyday accounting, finance, and management principles. Finally, Nazareth Academy Business Department instructors will assist students in building an ethical framework to ensure that each will develop into strong young women and future business and community leaders.

Business Education Courses:

Accounting I
Financial Management
Introduction to Business

Computer Education

The Computer Education Department has three fully functional computer labs, with brand new computers in all labs! All courses in the department are project based for optimum student achievement. 

Computer Education Courses:

Computer Applications I
Computer Applications II
Desktop Publishing/Web Design
Digital Photography and Video Editing
Introduction to Computer Science


The English Department at Nazareth Academy works diligently to instill a love of literature in all of its students while helping to foster critical thought and sound analytical writing skills. The department is committed to providing a rigorous classroom environment that develops students’ reading, writing, and public speaking abilities to prepare them not only for college, but also for their future careers. Students are challenged on a daily basis to think outside of the box and find ways to apply literature to their own lives. The dedicated teachers in the English Department are committed to helping each student reach her highest potential and get the most out of her Nazareth Academy experience.

English Courses:

English I
Honors English I
English II
Honors English II
English III
English III
AP English Language & Composition
English IV
AP English Literature & Composition

Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Department strives to develop student awareness in art and music. Through the visual arts, students are given the opportunity for self discovery, problem solving and critical thinking skills. The focus of our program is to provide a solid foundation in the visual arts and to build a fine arts experience with an emphasis on creativity and spirituality. 

Students in our Performing Arts program may opt to major or minor in music and are exposed to an in-depth study of the Fine Arts.

Art Education Courses:

Instruction to Studio Art
2D and 3D Design
Advanced Studio Art
AP Art History
Advanced Art
Honors Portfolio Art
AP Art History

Music Education Courses:

Music Major I
Music Minor I
Music Appreciation
Theater Arts
Music Major II
Music Minor II
Honors Music Major III
Music Minor III
AP Music Theory
Music Minor IV
Honors Music Seminar 5

Health and Physical Education

The Physical Education/Health Department stresses the overall importance of physical activity and wellness in order to achieve a healthy quality of life. Additionally, our Health classes provide important information on creating a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle.

Health and Physical Education Courses:

Wellness For Life


The Math Department works collaboratively to achieve a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum that will not only prepare our students for the SAT and ACT, but for college and the workplace. With a focus on deeper learning, we take every opportunity to relate mathematical concepts to their application in the world outside the classroom. We set high learning standards for our students and we supply the support necessary to achieve them. It is our mission to help each student reach her highest potential in Mathematics.

Mathematics Courses:

Algebra I
Algebra II
Honors Algebra II
Honors Geometry
Honors Trig/Pre-Calculus
AP Calculus AB
Honors Calculus
AP Statistics 


The Science Department strives to create critical thinkers who can apply their knowledge of science to everyday encounters. Through active engagement in the learning process, students are encouraged to use critical and creative thinking skills as applied to science. Each course is taught by a dedicated faculty member with a strong background in science. Students develop a positive attitude and increase their proficiency with laboratory skills in the field of science as they travel through the different science courses. A Nazareth Academy High School science student is respected for her God-given talents, and she is consistently encouraged to further her intellect and leadership abilities.

Science Courses:

Honors Biology
Physical Science
Honors Chemistry
Conceptual Chemistry
Environmental Science
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Physics

Social Studies

Students will gain critical thinking skills as they analyse ancient, foreign and domestic policies using the theories of economics, political science, geography, criminology, and sociology. The Social Studies Department brings the past to the present in order to create a better future.

Social Studies Courses:

World Civilizations
Honors World Civilizations
United States History I
Honors United States History
United States History II
Honors United States History II
AP United States History
American Government/Economics
Comparative Politics
Criminal Justice
Modern European History
AP Psychology
AP US Government and Politics


Remembering our call to love God and our neighbor, the Theology Department at Nazareth Academy High School offers a wide variety of courses that give us a more complete picture of the One that loves us beyond all understanding. Courses are designed to stress the importance of extending.

Theology Courses:

Grade 9 - God's Revelation to the World through Scripture
Grade 10 - Mission and Ministry of Jesus Christ Extended in the Sacraments
Grade 11 - Theology of the Body and Your Life in Christ: Foundation in Catholic Morality
Grade 12 - Catholic Social Teaching and Women Who Shaped Church History


World Languages

The World Languages Department at Nazareth Academy High School recognizes the needs of the peoples of the earth to share the gift of communication, which is the heart of the human experience. The Language Program seeks to foster the goals of The National Standards of the American Association of the Teachers of Foreign Languages. The study of language puts the students in touch with the past, present, and future.

French I
French II
Honors French III
Honors French IV
Italian I
Italian II
Honors Italian III
HOnors Italian IV
Latin I
Latin II
Honors Latin III
AP Latin
Spanish I
Spanish II
Honors Spanish III
Honors Spanish IV