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College Counseling

Nazareth Academy High School graduates are admitted to a wide range of academic institutions that are suited to their strengths, aspirations, and goals for the future.


Nazareth Academy High School's College Counseling program supports students as they develop the knowledge and awareness to determine the educational path that is best for their education and their future.  College and School Counselors work closely together regarding each student's course selection and activities, with an eye toward the college process.  Applying to colleges can at times be an overwhelming task, but with the help of our counselors, our girls choose the school that is the best fit for their specific interests and talents. 

The Office of College Counseling provides clarity and support and educates students and families on the ever-changing world of college admissions. The key to a successful college search experience is good communication between the student, the parents, the college counselors, and the colleges.


  • Students are assigned a college counselor during freshman year
    • Individual or family sessions can be scheduled as early as freshman year
  • Individual meetings can occur at any time during the school day
  • Small group educational sessions starting junior year
  • Large group educational sessions both junior and senior year
    • Topics covered during individual, small group, or large group sessions include:
      • How to research colleges and set up college visits
      • The college application process
      • The college essay and activities resume
      • Scholarships and financial aid
  • Instant Decision Days with local colleges where students receive an on-the-spot admissions decision
  • Interview Day with Saint Joseph's University
  • College Essay and Activities Resume session with Saint Joseph's University for students and for parents
  • PSAT and SAT School Day testing
  • College representative visits throughout the school year
  • The college counselors write an individualized recommendation letter for every student on their caseload to submit as a part of the students' application documents
  • Nazareth Academy High School College Counseling Instagram with important updates and events