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Counseling Services

Ms. Mikulski '12 one of school counselors assists two students with work in the library

The Counseling Department at Nazareth Academy High School is dedicated to working with our students the minute they arrive on campus.  From their first week as freshman when they attend a counseling assembly until that time in senior year when students have finalized their college plans, the Counseling Department is by our girls' side supporting them through this journey.

NAHS Counseling Department

The Nazareth Academy High School Counseling Department has 5 full-time staff members and counselors available for our students every day needs.  In collaboration with these 5 full-time staff members we also boast a relationship with CORA Services that allows for 5 part-time counselors to be available throughout the school year.

Nazareth counselors meet with students at least once a semester individually for a general check-in, as well as on an as needed basis.  In addition, they meet in small group sessions and in larde informational  to address personal concerns, offer support, provide conflict resolution, stress management, and study strategies, and offer referrals to clinicians in the community. Whether it be academics, personal, social, or college and career, our girls' success and wellbeing at Nazareth Academy High School is forefront in the work of the Counseling Department.


Counseling Program Overview

The following overview of Nazareth Academy High School's Counseling Services includes recommendations and counseling services available at each step of the path through their high school experience.