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NAPA Events 2021-22


October 2021

November 2021

  • November 1st: Poinsettia Sale Begins
  • November 1st: Ornament Sale Begins
  • November 1st: Wrapping Paper Sale Begins
  • November 2nd: November General Parent Meeting
  • November 4th: Panda Perk Iced Coffee Sale
  • November 7th: Wreath Sale ends
  • November 10th: NAPA 50/50
  • (Week of) November 15th: Candy Apple Pick-Up
  • November 24th: NAPA 50/50
  • November 28th: Poinsettia/Ornament Sale ends
  • November 30th: December General Parent Meeting

December 2021

  • December 1st: Wrapping Paper Sale Ends
  • December 2nd: Panda Perk Iced Coffee Sale
  • December 4th: Poinsettia/Wreath/Ornament/ Wrapping Paper Pick Up
  • December 6th: NAPA NFL Playoff Pool Sale Begins
  • December 29th: NAPA End of the Year 50/50

January 2022

  • January 2nd: NAPA Super Bowl Pool Sale Begins
  • January 4th: January General Parent Meeting
  • January 10th: Piero’s Pizza Kit Sale begins
  • January 29th: Snowball Dance

February 2022

  • February 1st: Chocolate Covered Strawberry Sale
  • February 1st: February General Parent Meeting
  • February 4th: Piero’s Pizza pick up
  • February 9th: NAPA 50/50
  • February 10th: Valentine’s Day Raffle
  • February 12th: Fashion Show

March 2022

  • March 1st: March Madness Bracket Sale Begins
  • March 1st: March General Parent Meeting
  • March 7th: Easter Candy and Easter Flower Sale begins
  • March 12th: Craft Fair
  • March 16th: NAPA Luck of the Irish 50/50
  • March 30th: Easter Flower Sale Ends

April 2022

  • April 1st: Baseball Mania
  • April 4th: Mother’s Day Raffle sale begins
  • April 5th: April General Parent Meeting
  • April 8th: Easter Candy Sale Ends
  • April 9th: Easter Flower Pick Up
  • April 18th: Hoagie Sale
  • April 27th: NAPA 50/50

May 2022

  • May 2nd: Senior Parent Farewell
  • May 6th: Mother’s Day Drawing
  • May 11th: NAPA 50/50
  • May 15th: Father’s Day Grill/Cooler Raffle begins
  • May 21st: Outdoor Movie and hoagie distribution
  • May 25th: NAPA 50/50

June 2022

  • June 10th: Father’s Day Drawing