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Student Checklists

Counseling Department working with students

Grade 9 - Freshman Counseling Seminar

Laying the Groundwork

 Freshman year focuses on the transition between elementary and secondary levels, adjusting to the Nazareth environment.  The counselors meet with their students each semester to discuss the areas of academic, career and personal/social.  The students fill out the Freshman Survey which is a tool for the counselor to get to know the student better.  They are introduced to Naviance, CollegeBoard and Kahn Academy, which are websites that are used for testing prep,

testing feedback as well as career and college searches. Freshman meet with counselors one semester in a weekly classroom seminar for topical discussions.  Study and social skills, friendship building, body image, decision making and time management, as well as many other topics, are presented.  Students take the PSAT and receive feedback.  A Freshman Parent Night is offered early in the year. 

Checklist for Freshman Year

  August to December

  • Complete your Freshman Survey (during Guidance Activities schedule)
  • Meet with your Counselor
  • Remind your parents to attend the Freshman Parent Night
  • Remind your parents to attend Back to School Night
  • Attend Study Skills class *
  • Attend Freshman Guidance offered by the Counseling Department *
  • Create account in Naviance
  • Create account in College Board
  • Create account in Kahn Academy
  • Link College Board and Kahn Academy accounts
  • Take the PSAT
  • Attend Guidance Activities in December with Guest Speaker

January to June

  • Meet with your Counselor
  • Remind your parents to attend Spring Back to School Night

*If you are a Music Major, you will not have these classes


Grade 10 - Sophomore Counseling Seminar

Developing the Foundation

Sophomore year focuses on developing a balance between academics and personal growth opportunities.  With the assistance of their counselors, the sophomores explore their personal and academic interests in relation to their majors, careers, and college choices.  The Sophomores are provided with resources to assist in their future decision making such as the Campbell Interest and Skills Survey, career/major searches, and the “Do What You Are” survey completed on Naviance.  Sophomore year also focuses on building their college resume through involvement in the school community, volunteer opportunities, and out of school activities.

Checklist for Sophomore Year

  August to December

  • Complete the Campbell Interest and Skills Survey (CISS) (during Guidance Activities schedule)
  • Meet with your Counselor
  • Remind your parents to attend Back to School Night
  • Take the PSAT
  • Attend Guidance Activities in December with Guest Speaker and CISS interpretation
  • Complete Do What You Are in Naviance
  • Complete career searches in Naviance
  • PSAT/SAT/ACT prep

 January to June

  • Meet with your counselor
  • Remind your parents to attend Spring Back to School Night
  • PSAT/SAT/ACT prep

Grade 11 - Junior Counseling Seminar

Making Concrete Plans

Counselors assist juniors in large groups and in one-on-one sessions to refine their college search to best fit their academic, career and personal aspirations.  Nazareth Academy offers juniors an SAT preparatory program in mathematics after school and incorporates prep work across the curriculum.  Students begin the many tasks needed to enable them to move forward with their college applications in senior year.  Parent meetings are offered to both inform and honor the important role that parents play in this college planning process.

Checklist for Junior College Planning

(Please make a folder for College Planning and keep Checklist and all papers in this folder. Bring folder to any meetings you have with your Counselor.)

August to December

  • Attend the August Junior College Planning Orientation.
  • Be sure you have accounts in CollegeBoard, Kahn Academy, and Naviance.  Remember your passwords!  (Be sure that your Profile in Naviance is complete.)
  • Be sure to read your school e-mail daily.
  • Remind your parents to attend the Junior/Senior Financial Aid Night in September.
  • Remind your parents to attend the Junior Parent College Planning Night.
  • Investigate and narrow down your career choice. (Use collegeboard.org and/or education planner.org)
  • Refer to Do What You Are in Naviance that you completed in Sophomore year.)
  • Complete Surveys in Naviance
    • Complete Game Plan in Naviance
    • Complete Career Search in Naviance
    • Complete Career Interest Profiler in Naviance
    • Complete Cluster Finder in Naviance
  • Prepare for and take the PSAT.
  • SAT/ACT prep
  • Create a professional email
  • Meet with your Counselor.

December to March

  • Attend the December Junior College Planning Follow-Up Session.
  • Meet with the Career Counselor.
  • Discuss your course selection with your Counselor.
  • Ask your parents to complete the Parental Authorization Form.
  • Make any corrections to your Transcript; return to the College Counselor ASAP.
  • Complete Student Brag Sheet
  • Sign up for Spring SAT/ACT.  Practice for SAT/ACT.
  • Meet with your Counselor.

March and April

  • Remind your parents to attend the College Representative’s Panel Night in April.
  • Put in colleges you are considering into Colleges I Am Thinking About in Naviance. 
  • Ask two teachers for recommendations and provide teacher with Teacher Recommendation Form and Activities Resume.
  • Request teacher recommendations on Naviance.
  • Enter teacher names into Naviance.
  • Create a Common App account.
  • Create a Coalition account.
  • Begin the Common App online – get a head start! Available for signup in the spring, but cannot start applying until August 1st.
  • SAT/ACT prep
  • If applicable, create an NCAA account.
  • Meet with your Counselor.

**Make sure you are utilizing tools on Khan Academy, Naviance, and Collegeboard.

Grade 12 - Senior Counseling Seminar

Securing the Plans

 Seniors focus on college visits, applying to colleges, and financial aid considerations.  While seniors await decisions from the schools of their choice, counselors encourage them to actively search for and apply for scholarships.  Seniors attend both large group sessions as well as individual meetings with both the college counselor and their assigned counselor.  Parent meetings are offered to both inform and honor the important role that parents play in this college application process.

Checklist for Senior College Application Process

  • Have your college essay reviewed by the English department
  • Create a Common Application Account
  • Complete Common Application Account Matching Process in Naviance to link Common Application and Naviance
  • Apply to schools using Common App, Coalition, College website, college portal, etc.
  • Send SAT/ACT to Colleges using testing website
  • After you apply, request transcripts
    • Inform Mrs. Glasson you have applied
    • Transcript request fee is $3.00 for each college
    • Meet with Mrs. Glasson at time you are submitting these request
  • Continue to check your account for each college.  Make sure each college application is complete.  (The application itself, your transcript, your SAT/Act scores have been sent to each college.)
  • Search for scholarships.  Utilize NAHS Scholarship Search Resources.
  • At the beginning of the Second Semester request a Mid-Year Report, if the college wants a Mid-Year Report, or if you want a Mid-Year Report sent.
  • College email and Scholarship Letters
    • Please email to Mrs. Glasson a copy of all college scholarship letters and any announcements of money for college.
  • Send your deposit on time (typically May 1st…be sure to check)
  • When your attending college has received your deposit, withdraw your deposit from all other colleges (you will free up a spot for students who are still waiting)
  • Let College Counselor know you have committed to a college 
    • She will review with you all of your colleges in Naviance
    • She will record the information in Naviance
    • Pick up a Pre-Graduation Form, (which you and your parents must sign; due 4/1)
    • Note:  When the Graduation Booklet is being prepared, the Pre-Graduation Form and College Scholarship Letters will be given to Ms. Armstrong
  • In Naviance Family Connection, you must request that your final transcript be sent to your attending college
  • Complete and return pre-graduation form.
  • Requesting Final Transcripts (Final transcripts will be sent by mid-June once transcripts are finalized.)