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Nazareth Academy High School will open full in-person for the 2021-22 school year. The remote learning policy that was sent via email on Thursday, August 19th is listed below for your reference. For us to remain open and to protect those who are unvaccinated or ineligible to receive the vaccine, we ask that all individuals follow the guidelines outlined below. Your daughter's vaccination status should be have reported through the Certification of COVID-19 Vaccine Form. If you have not done so, please complete the form. This information is for contact tracing purposes.

Guidance for the Opening of School

• The City of Philadelphia issued a mask mandate issued on August 11th that beginning on August 12th masks are required indoors for all businesses and institutions. Therefore, students, faculty, staff and visitors are required to wear a mask indoors. Face shields do not meet the guidelines.
• Masks are not required when outdoors. This includes sports, class, and activities.
• Per the CDC and City of Philadelphia, masks are required to be worn by passengers and drivers on school buses/vans regardless of vaccination status.
• Staff and parents/students are to complete the daily check-in before school each day your daughter is attending. For your convenience, a message via SchoolMessenger will be sent each day with the link to the form and signs with a QR code for students will be posted at each entrance.
• Close contacts who are fully vaccinated and asymptomatic will not need to quarantine. While proof of vaccination is not required, the honor code mandates our concern for the common good. It is recommended the City of Philadelphia that those individuals be tested 3 – 5 days after exposure.
• Unvaccinated close contacts will be asked to quarantine for 10 days. If one so choses, the individual can be tested on Day 6 and return on Day 8.
• Please continue to be mindful of handwashing and if you are not feeling well, please stay home.

As always, we will continue to monitor guidance from the City of Philadelphia and the CDC. Any future mitigation protocols will be based on the community transmission rate.

Since March 2020 we have learned well how to negotiate difficult challenges with regard to teaching and learning during a pandemic.  Our experience and the lessons learned equip us for continued success during the 2021-2022 school year.

2021-2022 Remote Policy

Nazareth Academy High School is excited to fully open, safely, for all students. We all have learned many lessons since March of 2020. We have learned well how to negotiate difficult challenges with regard to teaching and learning during a pandemic. As we have previously said, our experience and the lessons learned equip us for continued success during the 2021-2022 school year. Following safety guidelines and working together, we have proven that we can open and operate safely. Being fully in person, allows for our students to connect face to face, much needed for their social-emotional needs. Our time during the hybrid model allowed for Nazareth to still provide its robust academy program despite physical distance, but we all agree that Blue and Gold are much better together than apart. Another lesson we have learned is that we have the technology to overcome distance when we were apart. We will be able to use that technology for COVID-related circumstances only, even when everyone else is back in campus.

The following policies are in effect for remote learning:

Remote learning is intended for COVID-related circumstances.  If a student is asked to quarantine due to exposure and/or awaiting test results, she may access her classes via TEAMS. 

  • The first day a student is out due to a COVID-related circumstance will be an excused absence. The school nurse and the Assistant Principal for Student Life will follow up with the parent of the student to make sure all information has been relayed. Teachers will be contacted so they know when remote learning will begin and how long it is expected to last. 
  • If approved, the second day a student is out due to a COVID-related quarantine, she will be able to access her classes via Teams. 

For non-COVID related medical circumstances, situations will be considered on a case-by-case basis and must be approved in advance

  • Parents/Guardians must contact Mrs. Patricia Quinn, Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs, at 215-268-1056 or quinn@nazarethacademyhs.org.
  • This option is meant for longer-term medical issues such as surgery that requires at home recovery. 
  • Any non-COVID related medical circumstance must be accompanied by a doctor's note. 
  • If a student is generally feeling under the weather and cannot attend school in-person, that day would be a regular absence where a parent calls her in sick.

If a student is remote for a school day she cannot participate in on-campus sports, activities, or events until she returns to school in-person.

If a student is given approval to be remote for any period of time (regardless of reason), she must attend classes in an environment that is conducive to academic learning. 

  • Students must be seated at a table or desk, must have their camera on, and must be dressed in their uniform top. Camera must stay on for the entire class.
  • Students are not permitted to take or post images, videos, or screenshots of classmates, instructors, or class content to the web or to Social Media.
  • If there is a technology issue the student must reach out to the IT Department at ddollbaum@nazarethacademyhs.org.
  • Students are not permitted to access class from the car, a doctor's office, or any other public setting. 
  • If a student is not given advanced permission and/or is not in an appropriate learning environment, the teacher is not required to allow remote access to class.
    • Teachers will only open a TEAMS meeting for class if they have been notified in advance that a student in their class been given permission to attend virtually.
    • Students learning remotely will be held to the same academic expectations as those attending class in-person, including due dates. 
    • Classes are not recorded.
    • Remote students are reminded that instruction is framed around in-person learning and there may be some activities that the remote learner cannot fully participate in.   

Remote Learning is NOT to be used for family vacations, travel to non-Nazareth sporting events, appointments, etc. Please review the Attendance policies found on pages 25-27 of the Student Handbook.