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Into The Woods

Did you ever wonder what happened to some of your favorite fairy tale characters after they go their "happily ever after"? Well, look no further because Into the Woods gives us a glimpse into how their stories continue! Is there a difference between "good" and "nice"? How far would you go to get what you want? Have you ever come across beans that are full of- magic? With the help of gentlemen from surrounding area high schools, Into the Woods kicks off this weekend

The cast and crew have been working on Into the Woods since July and their hard work is showing. We are currently in the midst of “hell week” (theater talk which means the week before the show). We are running dress rehearsals, tech rehearsals, and performances for local grade schools! We are tweaking and fixing and making it just right so that opening night and the weekend to follow is a success.

This show explores the consequences of getting what you wish for and whether or not the grass truly is greener on the other side. With music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by James Lapine - you are sure to walk away from "the woods" with a newfound understanding of our beloved fairy tale characters.

We are beyond excited to show you how diligently the students have been working on Into the Woods and we hope to see you this weekend!

Thursday | 7:00 PM
Friday | 7:00 PM
Saturday | 7:00 PM
Sunday | 2:00 PM & 7:00 PM

Tickets are $12 for all 7:00 PM performances.
Sunday, October 29th, is a special performance featuring ONLY ACT l. Tickets are $10 for this performance. Any children that are attending are encouraged to dress up in their Halloween costume and to get their picture taken with our cast at the Meet and Greet after the show! (Meet and Greet after the 2:00 PM show only)

Mrs. Graveley
Play Director

Posted by on Tuesday October 25, 2016
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Grandparents Day 2016

Hello everyone. My name is Madison Joynes and I am a senior here at Nazareth. I speak on behalf of all of the granddaughters when I thank you all for coming to our 2nd Annual Grandparents Day. I don’t think the amount of gratitude that we have for you all can be expressed, but I am going to try my hardest to relay the feeling.

Thank you for all of the hugs you’ve given us throughout the years. Even though some of us may not admit it, your hugs are the best. 

Thank you for all of the smiles and laughs we’ve had throughout the years and the many more that will come.

Thank you for the encouragement and unconditional love. You have always been our number one supporter in everything we do- even if the odds are against us.

Thank you for hanging our less-than-perfect drawings on your walls throughout the years even though you knew the tape could rip your wallpaper. Thank you for having tea parties and playing with us when no one else would. Thank you for letting us build forts in the living room.

Thank you for raising our parents to become the people they are and thank you for raising us like your second set of kids.

Thank you for making your house like a mini-museum of photos of us. You hang up all of our pictures and telling the neighborhood how proud you are of us.

Most importantly, thank you for making sure we are never hungry. Don’t tell mom, but you’re our favorite chef.

I could go on and on about the thank yous we owe, but that could go on forever. So once again, I’d like to thank you for coming and hope you enjoyed time with your granddaughters.

Madison Joynes, '16

Posted by on Monday September 12, 2016
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Welcome Pandas!

We look forward to welcoming all of our students, faculty, and staff back to campus in just a few days. Campus has already come alive with fall sports tryouts, meetings, and faculty preparing their classrooms. Personally, I look forward to meeting our students and their families over the next few weeks at Meet & Greets, games, rehearsals, Back to School Night, and more! I know the Nazareth community well as I served as a counselor here for a few years before being called to Chicago. I am a Philadelphia native, born and raised in the Torresdale neighborhood that Nazareth calls home. I have always had a special place in my heart for Nazareth Academy, and I am thrilled to be back. As a matter of fact, when I moved to Chicago I felt as though I left a little piece of my heart at Nazareth. Along with our faculty, I am eager to greet our new students and welcome back our upperclassmen. We are all here for our girls and to live out our mission of embracing faith, family, and education. I will keep you all in prayer as we embark on the 2016-2017 school year.

Sister Rita Fanning, CSFN

Posted by on Monday August 22, 2016
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The Value of Love

Almost four years ago as an eager little freshman I never listened to the seniors when they told me that high school would go by way too fast. Let me make this very clear, I stand corrected. One second it's freshman week and the next you're receiving your class rings- then just like that...without even blinking you're getting ready to walk down the chapel aisle with your caps, gowns, and the best accessory; love. 

Everyone has their different high school experiences, but I can genuinely say that no experience can ever compare to one from Nazareth. There is something about these familiar halls that we walk through day after day.  There is something beyond description instilled in them, in every inch of this Maybe I haven't always realized it, or maybe it is due to the fact that I am so close to leaving, but I know that reflecting back on my time here at Nazareth I have come to realize that I have learned the most valuable lesson humanly obtainable; how to love and be loved in return. I have learned that every tear, stressful week, or bad test no longer matter. Every single memory and every ounce of love that Nazareth has given me far out ways the hardest days of my life. 

Trust me, I know as seniors we don't ever admit to this... But I'm seriously going to miss Nazareth so much. I am beyond ready and excited for college, but letting go of the place that has made me into the person that I am today might be the hardest part. So to the underclassman...please please please listen carefully.

Take in every single moment. Every Mass, every spirit day, every Our Father…all of it. Before you know it you will be in my shoes, preparing for your last ever our father in that beautiful chapel we all know so well. The last locking of hands with the people you've grown to love with all your heart. The last time you ever sit in our chapel sporting your school uniform. Literally grab a hold of every single moment you never realize how special they truly are until you are closing this chapter in your life. Pretty soon we will walk down these halls as a Nazareth student for the last time. The same halls that we have walked through every day, the same ones that have witnessed every tear- every meltdown, every laugh, inside joke, or unexpected hug...these same halls that instilled this love. You may not know it now - but trust me it will hit you.

High school isn't easy, but if I had realized I would be leaving so soon I certainly would have stressed less. I wouldn't have gotten worked up over little things or thrown fits over not being allowed to wear my sweatshirt in school...because in the long run, your favorite memories will be the unexpected laugh, that much needed hug…the day senior year when you realize your teachers are like real humans (it's true). It is these everyday things that will make your Nazareth experience your own and one day you will look back and thank this extraordinary place. 

Each and every one of us has something unique and special to offer each other. I cannot express this to the Class of 2016 enough...I am forever grateful for everything you have taught me. Every single person here in this school has touched my heart in their own way whether you know it or not...thank you. Thank you for accepting me for who I am and listening to the endless singing. That's a true friend. I hope you all know how important every single one of you are. Without you, Nazareth would be incomplete- but without Nazareth we too would be incomplete. Every inch of every wall holds the secrets of Nazareth that will never leave and the love that it will forever hold. Teachers may come and go, every year, old students leave and new ones enter, but Nazareth is special because even when you leave it stays with you. Part of what makes Naz so special are the people within it. Without the teachers and faculty from our Nazareth family, I know that I would have never survived high school. Nazareth didn't just show me love. It gave me unconditional love. For that I am forever grateful, thank you. 

Class of 2016...we did it! This is really it - the moment we've been waiting for. We are graduating. No longer will I be able to run to the music wing for a mid-day pep talk before class, no more pizza Friday's or snapchat videos of freedom girls. These are all just a memory in one of the greatest chapters of our stories. The morning prayers and intentions, religion class journals, Kairos, prom...these are all a part of our past now. Although they are in the past...Nazareth has helped pave the route to our future. Be confident in your future because each of you are strong willed, determined, educated, caring and beautiful people inside and out. Just a few of the MANY qualities found in a Nazareth woman. 

Victoria Sanchez, `16

Posted by on Thursday May 26, 2016 at 05:02PM
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Naz in London - Day 6, February 19th

Friday, our last full day in London was an eventful day! We started the day early leaving for Cambridge around 7:30 AM. We arrived at Cambridge and had sound check for our last concert. We were in a beautiful church called Great St. Mary's University Church.

We had some time after sound check to go punting, which was a lovely little tour of all of the colleges in Cambridge by boat. Our tour guide took us up and down the river pointing out all the colleges and some famous people who had attended each.

After lunch and our boat ride we had our concert. The concert was great and we all had a lot of fun singing for the last time in the United Kingdom.

We toured King's College after the concert and saw how the students lived and got to classes in Cambridge. They all have to travel to different buildings through the city to classes, and none of the students can own a car! They all rely on bicycles or walking to get to classes.

Back in London for the night, we had time to explore the Covent Gardens area. Some girls shopped, while myself and a small group of girls walked to the nearby Theatre Cafe. The cafe plays music from many Broadway and West End shows. There are posters, playbills and even doors signed by many performers that Broadway enthusiasts would know.

For our final dinner, we were off to a boat called Hispaniola that sat on the Thames river and we could see the heart of London! Dinner was delicious, and after dinner we convinced Mr. Kadar to play two of our favorite songs on the piano that was on the boat. He played Music Down in My Soul and Crossing the Bar. We all sang along and had a blast! We all were laughing and having fun together for our last night. This was a wonderful trip and getting to experience new places with my Nazareth family will be something I will never forget!

Madison McGrogan, `17

Posted by on Saturday February 20, 2016
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Naz in London - Day 5, February 18th

It was lovely today on February 18, 2016 as the Nazareth Academy Music Department visited Oxford and Stratford-upon-Avon. Linda, our trusty tour guide, gave us a very informative tour on parts of Oxford University. We wondered around the campus of Christ Church College in awe of the grand and intricate entrances, buildings, and stairways frequently used by the Oxford students and faculty. We even had the opportunity to walk the perimeter of the student dining hall decorated with stained glass windows with Lewis Carol's "Alice and Wonderland" characters and the stairs where parts of "Harry Potter" were filmed! In addition to touring the immense Oxford campus, the girls and our chaperones had time to explore the beautifully decorated Christ Church College Chapel and admired the colorful stained glass windows and even took a moment to say a little prayer. Briefly after the tour at Oxford, we quickly got a small bite to eat and to buy Oxford University souvenirs from the local stores located right near the campus.

Our next stop was no other than Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of famous English playwright William Shakespeare. To learn more about this great English icon, the girls and I viewed a short documentary and were able to walk through a Shakespeare exhibition, visit Holy Trinity Church (place of Shakespeare's burial), and even visit the very site where Shakespeare was born! There were also many small stores in Tudor Market Town where most of us continued our shopping and grabbed a nice, warm cup of tea in the local café.

After a long, busy day of learning and adventure, we boarded back onto the tour bus to eat a fine cuisine at French restaurant "Brasserie Blanc". We all had a delicious meal consisting of French favorites such as salad with a side of relish and pork, a main course of chicken, potatoes, and leaks placed in white sauce, and finished with a sweet, tasty Crème brûlée. It was a very good dinner! Soon enough we returned to a hotel for a good night's sleep. We need plenty of rest for our second concert tomorrow at Great Saint Mary's the University Church and to tour around Cambridge. We're all very excited. I can hardly wait!

Nicole Butch, `17

Posted by on Friday February 19, 2016
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Naz in London - Day 4, February 17th

Wednesday was one of the best days on our trip to England. It was full of performances mixed with a beautiful sight of the London Bridge from the Tower of London.  The day started off relatively late with a 7:00 wake up call.  After grabbing a quick breakfast from the hotel, we all made our way on the bus and set out for the Tower of London.  The Tower was amazing!  Built in the 11th century by William the Conquerer, this medieval castle had plenty of history.  At this tower, we had a firsthand look at the Crown Jewels.  It was a collection to make anyone's eyes water.  My favorite part though was experiencing the changing of the guards in front of the armory and taking countless pictures with the famous beefeaters.

After eating a quick lunch, our group headed over to Southwark (pronounced suhtherk) for our very first performance. Not only was the cathedral beautiful, but the performance was one of our best.

Finally it was dinner. We ate a fabulous meal at Jamie's Italian with a main course of spaghetti bolonnaise.

My favorite part of the entire trip, though, was getting to see Phantom of the Opera that night at Her Majesty's Theatre.  Being a theater snob myself, I can say that the performance was one of the best that I have ever seen.  (The fact that one of the main characters named Raoul was pretty easy on the eyes might have also swayed my opinion).

We arrived back at the hotel by 10:30 and all went to sleep after a very tiring, yet exciting, day.  I can't wait for what tomorrow brings for us.

Maxine Wisler, '16

Posted by on Thursday February 18, 2016
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Naz in London - Day 3, February 16th

Today was my favorite day of the trip so far, with so many unforgettable experiences!  We began the day with an early wake-up call at 6:15 AM and a big breakfast.  After riding on the bus for about three hours, we arrived at our first destination: Stonehenge!  Equipped with a special audio guide and a special shuttle bus to take us to the site, Naz enjoyed a very prehistoric place.  Everyone loved the sheep and the rolling landscape, and the stones gave us a really interesting look into history.

From there we drove to Windsor, passing a ton of cute shops and cafés.  Our tour guide, Linda, pointed out Eton College for Boys, so all the Nazareth girls were thrilled to see the elite school where Princes William and Harry as well as Eddie Redmayne attended.  We then took a tour of Windsor Castle's state apartments and chapel, viewing elegant drawing rooms and large ballrooms.  The chapel was very historic and beautiful.  We even got our first glimpse of an English guard!  His stoic face did not discourage us from taking tons of pictures with him.  The castle was large and medieval with a very scenic backyard and a fancy collection of fine china.

Afterward, we went Italian for dinner at Spaghettihouse.  It was a special day for my family because my sister Chloe turned 16 today, along with Tori, another sophomore on the trip.  They blew out candles on cream puffs and even got to open some presents!  After dinner some went to King's Cross Station to take photos at Platform 9 and 3/4 while for others came some shopping time.  I can genuinely say that nothing beats London shopping.

It was a great day and I can't wait for tomorrow!

Ava Roberts, '16

Posted by on Wednesday February 17, 2016
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Naz in London - Day 2, February 15th

After our long first day in London we were able to sleep in a little this morning and left our hotel around 9:00 AM for a full day of touring.

Our first stop was Westminster Abbey. We divided into two groups and our guides Linda and Chris took us on a wonderfully detailed and interesting two hour tour of the Abbey. We heard all about the rich history of the monarchy and how Westminster has played such a large role in some of the biggest moments of British history. Many famous poets, writers, scientists, musicians, and kings and queens are buried there. We definitely had a few "light bulb" moments as the girls made connections between some of the music we will be performing on Wednesday and the graves found at the Abbey - the poetry for Gwyneth Walker's Crossing the Bar was written by Alfred Lord Tennyson and the instrumental group will be performing the Overture to the Royal Fireworks Music by Handel.

After leaving Westminster Abbey we stopped for a short lunch and then were off to the Globe Theatre. The group did a workshop with a member of the globe staff where they got a behind the scenes tour of the Globe and were able to do some acting and scene work.

After the tour we had some free time to explore the Southbank area and some of us walked over the Millennium Bridge (which you might recognize from the 6th Harry Potter movie) to visit St. Paul's Cathedral.

Finally it was dinner time and we were treated to another traditional English meal of Fish and Chips at the Anchor Bankside which was just steps from the River Thames.

After dinner we went to the London Eye and got an amazing bird's-eye view of the entire city at night - 443 ft in the air!

We are resting up for an early wake up call tomorrow and we will be driving into the countryside to see Stonehenge and Windsor Castle.

Ms. Chmelko
Music Teacher 

Posted by on Tuesday February 16, 2016
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Naz in London - Day 1, February 14th

Bright and early this Valentine's Day a British Airways flight carrying 45 Nazareth students, family, and faculty touched down in Heathrow Airport. While many of us did not sleep much on the 6 hour flight there was no time for rest as we met our Tour Guide, Linda, and hopped on the bus which would take us into the center of London.

Our first stop was to Kensington Palace where we all hoped for glimpse of William and Kate (no luck!) and then had a nice refreshing walk around the Kensington Gardens. Londoners of all ages were spending their Sunday afternoon walking their dogs, strolling with children, or getting their daily run in on this beautiful afternoon in the park.

We jumped back on the bus and took a short drive over to Buckingham Palace where we saw the Queen's Guard. Finally we headed to Covent Gardens where we all split up and were able to enjoy time on our own for lunch and shopping. Some of us went to the Famous Punch and Judy Pub where we ate Meat Pies with mashed potatoes. Some went to Balthazar, while others went for Shake Shack and others found different local pubs.

After recharging at lunch we headed to the hotel to check into our rooms and had a few hours of downtime before dinner at the hotel. Dinner was delicious - accompanying our roast beef and potatoes, we each had some traditional English cuisine by way of Yorkshire Pudding (which is not pudding in the sense that we Americans think of!)

Despite the exhaustion it was such an exciting day. We picked a great time to arrive in London as there was a lot happening in the city today: the BAFTAs were being held at the Royal Opera House in Covent Gardens and there were also Chinese New Year Celebrations in Soho. After dinner a small contingent of us decided to scope out the BAFTA red carpet to see if we could spot any celebrities. We saw quite a few people in gorgeous gowns and tuxedos but no one that we recognized. It was still pretty cool to be so close to a red carpet event!

Tomorrow we are going to Westminster Abbey, the Globe Theatre, and taking a ride on the London Eye!

Ms. Chmelko
Music Teacher 

Posted by on Monday February 15, 2016
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