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Admissions Process

In the Fall of eighth grade, Naz welcomes students to officially begin the admissions process. Applicants should complete the following steps to ensure that all of the proper paperwork/materials are submitted on time.

  • Attend one of our 8th Grade Shadow Days!  Eighth graders who participate in the Shadow Program are able to meet current faculty and students, observe classes, eat lunch in our student dining room, and attend various assemblies. Parents must schedule a Shadow Day with the Admissions Office at least one week in advance of the date that their daughter wishes to shadow. Register your daughter for a Shadow Day!
  • Attend our Fall Open House on Saturday, October 14th! Our Fall Open House gives prospective students & parents the opportunity to tour our school, receive information on all of our offered extracurricular activities, gain knowledge on our admissions process, experience one of our beautiful musical performances, and meet with students, parents, faculty and staff, and administration to gain a better vision of the Naz experience.
  • Submit your daughter's transcript, 6th & 7th grade report cards, teacher recommendation form, and non-academic scholarships by Thursday, October 19th. To request copies of your daughter's acadmic records, you must complete the Transcript Release Form and submit it to your daughter's current school. The school will then forward copies of your daughter's transcript, attendance records, disciplinary records, and standardized test scores to Naz. Please note that your daughter's current school will not send copies of her 6th & 7th grade report cards. It is the applicant's responsibility to make copies of the report cards and mail them directly to Naz. In order to obtain a letter of recommendation, applicants should forward the Teacher Recommendation Form to your daughter's Principal, Guidance Counselor, or 6th, 7th, or 8th grade teacher. The evaluator will then complete the recommendation and mail it directly to Naz. Naz only requires and recommends ONE teacher recommendation.  For information and requirements regarding our non-academic scholarships, please see the Scholarships information below.
  • Complete and submit your Application for Admission by Thursday, October 19th. There is a $50 non-refundable application fee that is due at the time of application submission. No applications will be reviewed without receipt of payment.
  • Take the 8th Grade Entrance/Scholarship Exam on Saturday, October 28th from 7:45 AM to 12:00 PM! Registration before Friday, October 13th is highly recommended as those students who are registered for the test by Friday, October 13th are eligible to attend complimentary test prep classes. Students who are unable to take the exam at Naz may choose to take it at another private high school in the area and send their scores to Naz. Parents are invited for a question-and-answer session with administration during the exam. Please note, only applicants who take the exam at Naz are eligible for all scholarships. Early registration is encouraged as the test registration fee is $40 per student before October 6th. The test fee increases to $50 per student on October 6th. The test fee is non-refundable.
  • Set up your interview! Qualifying applicants will receive a letter inviting you to come in for an interview. The applicant's file must be complete in order to be interviewed. The file is complete when Naz has all of the following documents: Application for Admission, transcript from the applicant's current school, one teacher recommendation, copies of the applicant's 6th & 7th grade report cards, copies of the applicant's 6th & 7th grade standardized testing results, and the results from the 8th Grade Entrance Exam. Please note, no interview will be scheduled until an applicant's file is complete. $950 in fees is due at the time of interview (please see Tuition & Fees below for a price breakdown).

Admissions Forms

Application for Admission (online)

Teacher Recommendation Form (print)

Transcript Release Form (print) 

Tuition & Fees

Nazareth Academy High School understands the investment parents make in order to afford a college preparatory education. With this and our families in mind, we offer a Locked Tuition Plan so that you know your tuition rate for all four years at Nazareth. We offer the only Locked Tuition Plan for a private high school in Philadelphia. For the 2018-2019 school year, the tuition is $14,500, with uniforms and books at an additional cost. Payment plans have been developed for parents' planning needs with additional options available through the Business Office.

Nazareth offers four payment plan options. Below are the tuition payment plans for the Class of 2022 at $14,500. All of the payment plans are administered by FACTS Tuition Management. All new students will be required to enroll in FACTS for tuition payment processing. Information will be provided once you are accepted to Naz.

  • Single Payment Plan

    • $14,500 - $200 registration fee = $14,300 due through FACTS debit on or before July 1, 2018.

  • Semester Payment Plan

    • $14,550 - $200 registration fee = $14,350.00 total balance due
      Two payments of $7,175.00 due through FACTS debit on July 1, 2018 and January 1, 2019.

  • Quarterly Payment Plan

    • $14,600 - $200 registration fee = $14,400.00 total balance due
      Four payments of $3,600.00 due through FACTS debit on July 1, 2018, October 1, 2018, January 1, 2019, and April 1, 2019.

  • Monthly Payment Plan

    • $14,700 - $200 registration fee = $14,500.00 total balance due
      Eleven payments of $1,318.18 due through FACTS monthly debit from July 2018 through May 2019.

NAHS is happy to work with families. Please contact the Business Office at 215.268.1069 to further discuss payment plans.


Application Fee*:  $50.00 (non-refundable)

  • *The Application Fee is due at the time of application submission. No applications will be reviewed without receipt of payment.

$950 due at the time of interview:

  • Registration Fee: $200.00 (non-refundable) (This fee will be applied towards tuition.)

  • Activity Fee*: $500.00  *The Activity Fee includes: Library, Science Lab, and Computer Technology Fees; Retreat Days; School Publications; and Class Celebration Days.

  • Endowment Fee: $125.00 (one-time fee)

  • Nazareth Academy Parents’ Association (NAPA): $125.00 (one-time membership fee)

Additional fees, if applicable, are:

  • Art Fee: $100 (9th graders only)

  • PSAT Fee: $25 (9th-11th graders)

  • Freshman Fee: $40 (9th graders only)

  • Athletic Fee: $225 per sport (beginning in the 2017-18 academic year); $325 for Cheerleading
  • Private Music Lessons: $800 (voice and piano)

  • Group Music Lessons: $400 (for all group lessons)


Academic Scholarships

Each year we award academic scholarships ranging from $1,000 to one full scholarship. Academic scholarships are awarded for all four years, providing the student maintains the required criteria. They are awarded to qualified incoming freshmen based upon the student's 8th Grade Entrance/Scholarship Exam score. The student's academic records, letter of recommendation, and personal interview may be taken into consideration as well. In order to be eligible for an academic scholarship, a student must sit for the 8th Grade Entrance/Scholarship Exam at Naz.

Fine Arts Scholarships - CLOSED for Class of 2022

Nazareth Academy High School Art Department recognizes the achievement of academic excellence in the Fine Arts by designating an incoming freshman as a Fine Arts Scholar. In order to receive this distinction, a candidate for admission must submit the required artwork and application by the deadline date. This partial scholarship is awarded for all 4 years. The scholarship recipient(s) will be required to meet all Nazareth Academy High School Admissions requirements, including sitting for the NAHS Entrance/Scholarship Exam (Saturday, October 28th). The deadline for portfolios for the Class of 2022 is Thursday, October 19th.

Music Scholarships - CLOSED for Class of 2022

The Music Department at Nazareth attracts talented musicians and vocalists who perform at Nazareth, at Carnegie Hall, and even Rome for the Pope. Students applying for the NAHS Class of 2022 are invited to audition for a Music Scholarship. The scholarship recipient(s) will be required to meet all Nazareth Academy High School Admissions requirements, including sitting for the NAHS Entrance/Scholarship Exam (Saturday, October 28th).

Digital Video Scholarship - CLOSED for Class of 2022

In our digital society, students are more and more engaged in media use via tablets, phones, and computers. The Digital Video Scholarship will recognize students who creatively express themselves in a video. We seek students with innovative ideas for expression, as well as the unique ability to reflect their thoughts concisely and effectively. The selection committee will focus on content and basic editing with visuals and graphics. The committee is not looking for special effects. The scholarship recipient(s) will be required to meet all Nazareth Academy High School Admissions requirements, including sitting for the NAHS Entrance/Scholarship Exam (Saturday, October 28th).

Young Woman Inventor Scholarship - CLOSED for Class of 2022

Nazareth Academy High School seeks students who think critically and creatively while continually challenging themselves to learn more at the next level. Critical thinking students exhibit confidence and leadership potential with their processing skills and unique ability to present their ideas effectively and concisely. The selection committee for the Young Woman Inventor Scholarship will be looking for students to develop an invention and then provide a presentation to the committee about their invention, the reason for its creation, and why it should be marketed. The entire presentation should demonstrate strength in the areas of creativity, critical thinking, presentation, and poise. The committee is not looking for a prototype of the invention. The scholarship recipient(s) will be required to meet all Nazareth Academy High School Admissions requirements, including sitting for the NAHS Entrance/Scholarship Exam (Saturday, October 28th).

Blessed Frances Siedliska Community Service Scholarship - CLOSED for Class of 2022

Students applying for the NAHS Class of 2022 are invited to compete for a scholarship recognizing their service to others. The Blessed Frances Siedliska Community Service Scholarship will be awarded to a student who embodies Blessed Frances’ vision of a life of love.

Blessed Frances Siedliska, the foundress of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, is known for her loving openness and generous spirit. From the moment of her arrival in the United States in 1885, she touched the lives of those less fortunate through her ministry of helping families and children. Mother Foundress was deeply committed to helping those in need while maintaining respect and sensitivity to their individual situations. The students at Nazareth Academy High School are continuously reminded of our call to “Love One Another”. One way that we work to fulfill this commandment is through serving our brothers and sisters in Christ. Service is intricately ingrained in the fabric of our school community with our students logging more than 13,000 hours of service annually! The scholarship recipient(s) will be required to meet all Nazareth Academy High School Admissions requirements, including sitting for the NAHS Entrance/Scholarship Exam (Saturday, October 28th).

Financial Aid

Nazareth Academy High School believes in a personalized financial aid process and remains committed to individualized review. In an effort to collect specific documentation that could potentially lead to additional resources for a family in the future, we will utilize an outside agency as a component of our award process.

Families wishing to apply for financial aid through Nazareth Academy will need to complete an online application and supply the required documentation. The largest portion of Nazareth’s internal financial aid award occurs at our review in December. Although the application will be available into the new year, the resources deplete from the initial awards. Families are strongly encouraged to participate in the financial aid process for the December deadline. There is a $30 fee charged by FACTS. The applications for the Class of 2022 will open on Monday, November 20th and close on Friday, December 15th. Financial aid decisions will be distributed in January 2018. To access FACTS and then create an account in order to submit a financial aid application, please click here.

As has been our financial aid policy, Nazareth Academy High School will only review applications of students who registered for the Class of 2022. We want to help families make a Nazareth education affordable. In order to do so, our administration reviews and awards financial aid to students who have registered following their interview. If you and your family are showing a commitment to send your daughter to Nazareth, then we are reviewing the applications with this in mind.

We have added questions to the application that reflect our personalized approach to this process, such as “number of dependents in elementary/high school and tuitions”. The general application only asks for college and day care. You will also have a section to provide your personal story and details behind the numbers. The students will also be required to answer a short essay question “I chose Naz because…”. For more information on required documentation needed for your financial aid application, please click here.

There are some outside resources for financial aid in the community and available privately. As you are researching these resources, please check that the donor/organization will apply the aid/grant to Nazareth Academy High School. Some donors/organizations have guidelines that restrict which schools are eligible. Families are encouraged to conduct their own research on possible outside grants and contests. Below are a few resources that Nazareth Academy High School is familiar with.


Nazareth Academy students living in the city of Philadelphia and who live more than one mile from school are eligible for free SEPTA transpasses. The passes are issued at the discretion of SEPTA (usually a couple of weeks after school starts). For students using SEPTA, Nazareth is conveniently located just one block from the R7 Train Station and the Route 66 bus (Frankford Avenue). Other SEPTA routes pick up right outside the door of school on Grant Avenue (Routes 19 & 84).

More than 10 townships provide free bussing to Nazareth for students living in their districts. Please contact your township for specific time and pick up locations. All townships provide round trip bus service and some offer a late bus for students involved in activities.

Nazareth offers round trip bus service (at an additional fee) for students living in South Jersey. The pick up and drop off location for the 2018-19 school year will be at the Moorestown Library located at 2nd Street and Church Road.

Ms. Alexandria Derassouyan '09

Director of Admissions

Nazareth Academy High School

  • 4001 Grant Avenue
  • Philadelphia, PA 19114
  • T: 215.637.7676
  • F: 215.637.8523

About Naz

"Embracing Faith, Family, and Education"


"Naz's where you belong."  How will you finish the sentence, "Naz because..."?


Our student to faculty ratio of 9:1 allows our teachers to interact with students 1-on-1, providing constant help and support.

Campus Life

Our activities provide a diverse set of opportunities for spiritual, social, physical, and intellectual growth for the students.


Learning about commitment, dedication, hard work, discipline, and teamwork not only helps on the field, but in the classroom as well.

Fine Arts

The Fine Arts at Naz allow students to release their creativity, whether it be through song and dance or a piece of fine art.

Giving to Naz

We are called to give to "Nazareth" - not the building, but to “Nazareth” the home...our home.

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