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Girls saying the Our Father in Chapel

Embracing Faith Through A Spiritual Journey

Kairos Retreat

Kairos Retreat

Kairos, a Greek word meaning “the Lord’s time,” or in theology, “the appointed time in the purpose of God” is a four-day three-night Catholic retreat program for students during their senior year.  As part of the Kairos retreat students experience the power of God’s warmth and blessing while strengthening their relationship with Him, their classmates and teachers.  

During the Kairos retreat, students are called to be leaders, especially in the school community.  The retreat asks for seniors at NAHS to open themselves up to God’s love as well as the love of their family and friends.  The spirit of the Kairos retreat is one of acceptance and compassion for others, and we make every effort to create this environment for them.

Seniors have the option of participating in one of our Kairos retreats scheduled each year held off campus.  The retreat is an option to the one-day class retreat that all students must attend.

2019-2020 Kairos Retreat Dates  
All of the retreats will be held at the Retreat Center of Youth in the Diocese of Newark, NJ.

  • Thursday, October 4th – Sunday, October 7th
  • Thursday, January 10th – Sunday, January 13th
  • Thursday, February 14th – Sunday, February 17th

Underclassmen Retreat

Underclassmen Retreat

The retreat program for Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen at Nazareth Academy High School is designed to allow students a time spent away from one normal hectic life and schedule for the purpose of reconnecting with God and others through prayer and religious teachings.  The underclassmen retreat allows our girls to come together as a class and share in their spiritual journey with one another. 

Each grade has their own theme and focuses on a specific element of God’s teachings. This retreat is used as an opportunity for students to deepen their relationship and understanding of themselves, God, and the Church.  As a faith based community, we come together at the end of the retreat day for liturgy in the epicenter of our school, the Chapel.

This year's underclassmen retreat is scheduled for Monday, April 15, 2019.