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Memorial Gifts

Jeanette Ann Spaeth '89 Memorial Scholarship

Jeanette Ann Spaeth was a daughter, sister, aunt, true friend and a graduate of the class of 1989 from Nazareth Academy.  Jeanette passed away at the age of 38 in July, 2010, after a 19 year brain illness.  Although she was seriously ill from the time she graduated from high school, she never complained about her illness, but managed to shine her faith and love on all those she encountered. Jeanette always wanted to attend Nazareth Academy.  She knew from an early age that Nazareth was a special place.  Her happiest times were the times she spent at Nazareth Academy where she participated in the varsity softball team, varsity field hockey team and Community Service Corps.  While in the Community Service Corps, she was instrumental in making NA aware of “Project Rainbow”, a program for helping unwed mothers in need.  Jeanette’s parents, sisters, brother, family and friends have created the Jeanette Ann Spaeth Memorial Fund to ensure her legacy lives on and to assist in providing the opportunity to fulfill another incoming freshman’s dream to attend Nazareth Academy High School.

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The Joseph Douglas Clayton Memorial Grant

The Nazareth Academy Class of 1995 would like to reward an incoming freshman with a one-time grant in memory of Joey Clayton, son of Jennifer (Parncutt) Clayton. Jennifer is a graduate of the class and lost her son, Joey, to brain cancer in February 2016. Joey was only seven years old when he was diagnosed with a high grade astrocytoma brain tumor in December of 2014. Joey fought for almost 14 months and never lost his amazing smile. He is a real superhero with an amazing spirit that continues to be an inspiration to everyone. Joey has taught so many that through the hardest times we must continue to fight, be brave, and stay strong. The Clayton Family believes in paying it forward and are continuing Joey's legacy by helping others.

The Paul and Catherine Chobot Memorial Grant

Paul and Catherine “Cass” Chobot were from the Spring Garden neighborhood of Philadelphia.  At the time they grew up, it was a poor, working class neighborhood.  Paul and Catherine’s families both struggled to provide basic necessities for their children.  Despite this struggle, Cass and Paul were able to complete high school.  They both immediately entered the workforce after high school to assist their families financially.  Higher education was not even a consideration, although it was a desire for both.

They met in their mid-twenties, which in those days was considered old to still be unwed.  After only a few dates, they married and began a beautiful journey of love.  Paul worked for the railroad and Cass worked as a full time wife and mother.  Together, they vowed their children would have the educational opportunities they were not able to personally pursue.  They sacrificed their own needs to provide for their children and their nieces who lived with them when their parents died. They continued to live in the meager way they were raised; this time so their children could be educated.

The Chobot family honors Paul and Catherine by offering this scholarship in appreciation and tribute to their love, dedication and sacrifice.  The scholarship is the family’s way of honoring their parents and the numerous other parents who sacrifice to give their children opportunities.