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PA Tax Credit Programs

YOU and your company can give your tax dollars to Nazareth instead of the state!


Pennsylvania has created two transformational programs - the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) and the Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC) – that now allow individuals, as well as companies, who ordinarily pay state taxes, to direct their tax payments to schools like Nazareth to provide financial aid to qualified students and their families.  In exchange, participating businesses and individuals are given a tax credit for that year by the state.

New applications for companies are accepted for these programs each year starting on July 1st.  Renewal applications start May 15th.

Individuals may participate by joining a Special Purpose Entity (SPE) and receiving their tax credits through the entity.  We currently partner with two organizations:

BLOCS – Business Leaders Organized for Catholic Schools

  • $5,000 minimum per individual; ask for two-year commitment but not held to it; 90% tax credit 
  • They process approximately $50 million per year
  • They require 10% of donation go to their emergency scholarship fund and their operating costs 
  • More flexible through the year, good availability

Central PA Scholarship Organization – Western PA 

  • $3,500 minimum per individual; 1 or 2-year commitment; both 90% tax credit 
  • No charge required, 100% to the designated school 
  • They run on continuous cycles, moving the deadline out every few weeks until the SPE's are full 

Nazareth Academy benefits immensely from these crucial programs.  Both business owners and now individuals in our community recognize and appreciate the ability to direct their tax dollars to their favorite school.

We hope that YOU, and/or your company, will consider participating in these two incredibly beneficial programs offered by Pennsylvania.

For more information, please contact Denise LePera, President, at 215.637.7676 or DLepera@NazarethAcademyHS.org.

EITC – Learn more about the program and how to apply: Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC) - PA Dept. of Community & Economic Development        

OSTC – Learn more about the program and how to apply: Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program (OSTC) - PA Department of Community & Economic Development  

Donor Testimonial

“As a family with three daughters, we believe strongly in the value of Catholic education and wish to see it continue for many years to come. We feel it is more important than ever for the Nazareth community to come together and lend its support to this institution so that it remains available and affordable to young women for generations to come. It is why we strongly advocate for and participate in the EITC (Educational Improvement Tax Credit) program as a way to support Nazareth. It is just another way to sustain an institution we are confident will be a nurturing and academically challenging arena for our daughter for the next four years and that prepares her for life beyond high school.” ~The Snyder Family P'24

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you to our EITC and OSTC Donors!

  • Mrs. Lauren Michalski Adamski '90  
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Brennan P ’10   
  • Enterprise Holdings
  • Mr. Mark Gindele P '11 '17  
  • GMS Surgent - Gallagher, McDevitt, Schalleur & Surgent, LLC.  
  • Greenwich Terminals, LLC  
  • Griff and Associates  
  • Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Angela DiBello '80 Holt  
  • Mr. Charles and Mrs. Nina Tanghe '98 Ingulli  
  • Dr. and Mrs. Sean Killion  P '23
  • Mrs. Denise LePera  
  • Mrs. Susan Zajac Mordan ’85   
  • Mr. and Mrs. James Smith P ’02, ’04
  • Mr. and Mrs. Luke Snyder P '24
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stone P '24  
  • Mr. and Mrs. James Trusdell P '14  
  • UHS of Pennsylvania, Inc.  
  • Waste Management of PA, Inc