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Music at Nazareth

Music at Nazareth is an integral part of the school's life.  All genres of music are celebrated from symphonic works for our orchestra and chamber music for a whole host of ensembles, to the worlds of pop and jazz.  At Nazareth Academy High School  every student's individual musical interest is an option and they will be challenged to reach their full potential in that field.Our music students have traveled all over the world, including Germany and Austria performing at prestigious venues including the Vatican for the Beatification of the martyred Sisters of the Holy Family, the North American Music Festival, Carnegie Hall in New York, and various musical events both internationally and in the United States.

Music Registration 2024-2025


Music Major and Minor

Students in our Performing Arts program may opt to major or minor in music or art.  Students are exposed to an in-depth study of the Fine Arts as well as academic credit for these courses.

A student may major in one of the following instruments:

  • any orchestral string
  • brass
  • percussion
  • woodwind
  • piano, organ
  • harp
  • voice
  • guitar