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Arts at Nazareth

The Arts at Nazareth

Whether it's learning a musical instrument, playing in ensembles, singing in the choir, performing in plays or discovering beauty in fine art, there is plenty opportunity for creative expression at Nazareth Academy.  Our educators invest their extensive talents, passion, and knowledge to enrich our students' creative abilities, supporting each student as they learn to hone their interests and skills. By encouraging our girls to develop artistically, we see them finding their own voice and the confidence to express their individual creativity, regardless of innate talent.

Music, Visual Arts and Performing Arts are foundational to Nazareth Academy High School's mission of challenging each young women to attain her full potential, academically, spiritually, and personally.  We believe that engagement with the creative and performing arts not only sets our girls on a lifetime of personal enrichment and enjoyment, but also teaches them to be more self-disciplined, attentive and better at organizing their busy lives. 

We also celebrate the Arts for their own value, embracing the richness they add to the life of the school and the lives of the students.  We take great pride in the creative endeavours of our girls and showcase them to the Nazareth community throughout the school year, with art exhibitions, liturgical masses, concerts, and plays.