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Visual Arts

Visual Arts at Nazareth

Nazareth Academy High School's rich and varied Art education seeks to develop girls' artistic interests, creativity and confidence through exploration, experimentation, and a strong emphasis on drawing.

Studying the visual arts at Nazareth Academy High School, students gain an understanding of, and appreciation for the various aesthetic and disciplinary elements involved in the production of art. Our goal is to provide a basis from which the student will maintain a life-long appreciation of the visual arts. The Visual Arts at Nazareth, photography, ceramics, painting, design, mosaics, let you explore creative processes and develop new perspectives of the world.

Visual media, from paint to clay, from graphite to pixels, fine art can take many forms.  At Nazareth, we give our students the opportunity to explore their own creativity by exposing them to as many mediums as possible and allowing them to become proficient in what they love.