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Visual Arts

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Visual Arts at Nazareth

Nazareth Academy High School's rich and varied Art education seeks to develop girls' artistic interests, creativity and confidence through exploration, experimentation, and a strong emphasis on drawing.

Studying the visual arts at Nazareth Academy High School, students gain an understanding of, and appreciation for the various aesthetic and disciplinary elements involved in the production of art. Our goal is to provide a basis from which the student will maintain a life-long appreciation of the visual arts. The Visual Arts at Nazareth, photography, ceramics, painting, design, mosaics, let you explore creative processes and develop new perspectives of the world.

Visual media, from paint to clay, from graphite to pixels, fine art can take many forms.  At Nazareth, we give our students the opportunity to explore their own creativity by exposing them to as many mediums as possible and allowing them to become proficient in what they love.

Art Course Offerings

Art I - Introduction to Studio Art

Photography I 
Students will experiment with digital photography processes and gel medium transfer techniques in black and white as well as color photography.

Painting Fundamentals
Students will paint in traditional, contemporary, and mixed media with the aim of exploring and developing new techniques through experimentation.

Students will create and design illustrations, concept art, characters, dragons, fairies, and imaginary landscapes for Highlights and book designs.

Art II - 2D and 3D Design

Photography 2
Students will experiment with various transfer techniques including wax and gel transfers to create landscape photography including nature, sunsets, city, countryside and outdoor scenes.

2D and 3D Foundations
This course focuses on the detailed description of natural forms and spaces. Special attention is given to the rendering of surface textures and edges through various 2D and 3D painting processes.

Art & Nature in Watercolor
Students will be creating projects that interpret nature, and create artwork in and about the environment. The class will use recycled materials to work with and items found in nature.

Children’s Book Illustration and Character Design
Aspiring artists are introduced to the world of children's book design and illustration while observing the creative and technical aspects of the illustration field. With an emphasis on process, students develop the skills in drawing, painting, writing and design.

Art III - Advanced Studio Art

Students will learn how to create large and small scale mosaics using glass and ceramic materials. Creative 3D processes will be explored throughout the construction of the mosaic.

Advanced Drawing and Painting Studies
Within the context of a studio painting, students develop critical skills in drawing and painting while exploring mixed media. The class provides a solid foundation in depicting the subject and its setting, while providing tools for experimentation and self-expression.

Ceramics 1
Students learn how to sculpt and create objects that are three dimensional. Students will be using various mediums to create sculptures, mobiles, working with clay, wire, newspaper, and other creative objects to achieve works of art.

3D Foundations
Students will create 3D forms in traditional, contemporary, and mixed media with the aim of exploring and developing new techniques in clay, paper and plaster

Art IV - Advanced Art

Ceramics 2
Students will create three dimensional objects using various mediums to create vessels, bowls and tile designs.

Mixed Media
Students will create 2D and 3D forms in traditional, contemporary, and mixed media with the aim of exploring and developing new techniques using a variety of media.

Observational Painting Honors
Students develop critical observational skills in drawing and painting for portfolio development. Observational drawing focuses on drawing and painting techniques using a variety of paper and surfaces.

Character Design 2
Students will be exploring the various and important aspects that go into designing characters for animation. Students will be exploring how designs relates to the characters personality. Watercolor, pen and ink and acrylics will be explored throughout the course.

Art 5 - Honors Portfolio Art

This course provides the student who is interested in art the opportunity to expand their studies in the visual arts and explore various painting techniques. The goal of the course is to give talented students time to create independent work for their portfolio. Portfolio Art is also structured to help finalize the quality of an art portfolio for admission to an art college

Advanced Placement Art History

This art history course emphasizes the diverse historical and cultural contexts of Western art, with an introduction to art from a variety of cultures beyond the Western tradition. Students learn to examine and critically analyze major forms of artistic expression, including architecture, painting, and sculpture, as a reflection of a given civilization and time period.

Issues such as patronage, gender, and the functions and effects of a work of art will also be emphasized. This class will give students the opportunity to use their knowledge of history, geography, politics, religion, languages, literatures and the visual arts as they learn who created what, when, and most importantly, why they did it.

The curriculum is modeled after introductory college level art history survey courses and reflects the College Board AP Art History Course Description. The class covers art chronologically from Pre-historic times through to the Post-Modern Era. At least two field trips will be planned. The Advanced Placement Art History Examination, given in May, is a requirement for all students. This art history course is open to any junior or senior who meet the following prerequisites.