Embracing faith, family and education

Board of Trustees

Courageous, enlightened leadership is essential to the vitality and well-being of Nazareth Academy High School. A culture that fosters leadership and actively involves every member of the community contributes to the success of the institution. The collaborative efforts and intentions of those most invested in Nazareth— from the Board of Trustees, to the alumnae, parents, faculty/staff, and students — are what comprise the energy, goodness, and excellence of the school.

Each member of the Board of Trustees is deeply committed to the school’s mission, values, and traditions. Nazareth is fortunate to have an active board whose trustees dedicate themselves to upholding and strengthening the school’s focus on embracing faith, family and education.

Nazareth Academy High School Board of Trustees


Arbella Manacchio-Cherkis, '00 
Ethics & Compliance Director, GlaxoSmithKline
Board Member - September 2015 

Vice Chairperson

Charles Ingulli
Director of Accounting
PMC Property Group
Board Member - September 2020


Sr. Angela Cresswell, CSFN, PhD 
School of Arts and Sciences, Holy Family University
Board Member - August 2017


Denise LePera 
President, Nazareth Academy High School
Ex-officio Board Member - August 2017


Jennifer McCloskey '03 
Director of Finance, Nazareth Academy High School

Board Members

Linda Svitak Higginbotham '79, P'07 
Board Member - August 2017 

Sr. Maureen McGarrity, CSFN PhD '64
President, Holy Family University
Board Member - August 2017 
Sr. Brendan O'Brien, CSFN 
Archivist, Holy Family University
Board Member - August 2017
Frank Porrazza
Vice President, Retired
PNC Bank
Board Member - August 2019
Sr. Marcella Louise Wallowicz, CSFN PhD ’73
Sr. Celine Warnilo, CSFN '63
Planning Committee, Provincial Chapter of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth
Board Member - August 2017

Melissa Wilson, MD, PhD '90
Associate Professor of Oncology
Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, Jefferson Health
Board Member - August 2019

Community Administration

Sr. Kathleen Maciej, CSFN 
Provincial Superior, Holy Family Province 

Sr. M. Loretta Theresa Felici, CSFN 
President, CSFN Mission and Ministry

School Leadership Team

James Meredith, M.Ed
Principal, Nazareth Academy High School
Ex-officio September 2018
Patricia Quinn, M.S.
Assistant Principal of Academic Affairs