Embracing faith, family and education

Mission & Beliefs

Students signing at graduation


Nazareth Academy High School is a Catholic, private, fully-accredited college preparatory school for young women, sponsored by the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth.

Embracing faith, family and education, we challenge each student to attain her full potential academically, spiritually and personally.

While focusing on service to God and community, Nazareth Academy High School provides a rigorous academic curriculum and varied extra-curricular activities that inspire each student to achieve academic excellence and become a life-long learner in a global society.



Catholic Heritage

At NAHS, we believe that our Catholic faith is the foundation of and the impetus for all that we do both within and beyond the walls of every classroom. In personal relationship with God, we are especially inspired by the example of the Holy Family. We recognize that while each of us is a unique gift of God, we all share the common task of bringing the love, mercy and justice of God to our community, our country and our world.

Dignity and Respect

At NAHS, we believe that each person shares in the basic goodness that comes from God’s unconditional love. Reverencing the beauty of diversity, we celebrate by word and example the oneness of the human family. Committed to compassion, we uphold the importance of self and mutual respect as well as the dignity of all God’s creation.

Academic Excellence

At NAHS, we believe that every student can learn. Immersed in an atmosphere of high academic standards, we challenge each student to discover and achieve her full potential. Varied curriculum inspires constant creativity from our students in all subject areas, and students are given diverse opportunities for achievement both within and outside of the traditional classroom. Qualities such as integrity, respect, love and acceptance permeate the students’ educational experiences.

Responsible Leadership

At NAHS, we believe that each person has the ability to develop her gifts and the responsibility to share her gifts with the global community.

At NAHS, we believe that true leaders are life-long learners who are motivated by service to self and others. Mandated by Jesus Christ, we willingly lead by example and share our individual talents and abilities with an ever needful world.

Christian Community Service

At NAHS, we believe that our community recognizes and responds to the needs of the human family, both locally and globally. We enhance this belief through formal religious instruction and reinforce it through extra-curricular activities as we strive to enrich the world with the spirit of Nazareth.